Adriana Corral is a third-year MFA candidate in Sculpture and Assistant Instructor at The University of Texas at Austin. She was born in El Paso, Texas and received her BFA from The University of Texas at El Paso. She recently had a solo show, Voces de las Perdidas, at Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin, and her work has been featured at the National Mexican Museum of Art in Chicago.

“Since the 1960s hundreds of women, usually students or maquiladora workers, have been kidnapped, raped, and murdered in Juárez, Mexico. Many cases go unsolved, the remains often so disfigured that identification is impossible. My installations navigate between Juárez and El Paso, where I grew up, translating my sense of mourning and outrage into political thought and action through visual means. From rubbings of court documents to ceramic body tags, my work aims to redress the obscurity and erasure associated with these crimes.” (Excerpt from

Adriana Corral, Campo Algodon, Cuidad Juárez, 21 de febrero de 2007, Transfer
(Classified documents used in Human Rights International courts in Chile, defending the victims)

Opening on October 19, 2012 at The University of Texas at Austin College of Fine Arts Visual, A Nation of Fear is a group exhibition confronting issues surrounding the current climate of violence in Mexico, with work by Miguel A. Aragon, Adriana Corral, and Raymundo Delgadillo.

Each artist addresses the current wave of violence in Mexico, as well as its causes and the widespread social and political consequences both in Mexico and the U.S. More than 50,000 people have died as a direct result of the Mexican drug war over the last few years, and thousands more have been affected by the violence in the border town Juarez. The exhibition continues through November 10, 2012.

For the Serie XIX Artist in Residence program, Corral produced the serigraph Bones (below) – click here to purchase one of these limited edition prints (total of 50).

Adriana Corral - Bones

Adriana Corral, Bones, 2012

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