At the beginning of August, GSD&M stopped by the Serie Project to shoot some video for a special series they’re producing as part of their client newsletter. From agency t-shirts to event posters to client projects for L.L.Bean and eHarmony, the agency has been earning its way into the silk screen scene in Austin.

GSD&M is in the process of filming a behind-the-scenes piece (see image gallery below) on Austin’s silk screening community to feature on their website and share with their employees. They’ve interviewed local silk screen shops including Coronado Studio/Serie Project, Sanctuary, Nakatomi and Industry Print Shop about the process behind the age-old art form.

They’ve also invited some local artists to feature some of their favorite handmade, silk-screened rock posters in a gallery exhibit (September 17 – October 15) in the GSD&M lobby, in honor of the ACL Festival.

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