Tamiko Kawata


Breathing, 2004
Screen Print
Edition of 50

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Tamiko Kawata best describes art making as her “diary in visual form.” Born in Kobe, Japan, Kawata enjoys finding various, daily materials to make her visual diary. Experimental in nature, Kawata regularly incorporates safety pins, toilet paper, and chewing gum in her paintings; symbols of American and Japanese wastefulness, economic status, and glory within an industrialized lifestyle. Considering her upbringing, Kawata offers viewers of her work myriad experience. With a BA in sculpture from Tsukuba University in Tokyo, Kawata immediately applied her skills to commercial art designing tableware, light fixtures, and glass sculptures. In 1962 she moved to New York City where she learned to understand a very different culture. Meeting her husband there, Kawata considers the two children she shares with him “a most valuable, important, and effective learning process in becoming an American. Though still making art despite the artistic detours of having a family, Kawata truly began to focus on her work in 1990. Ultimately, Kawata knows her unconscious comparison between Japan and America is a staple of her art, which even off the canvas she creates. A fan of visual letters, Kawata sends “inner messages” to certain people who help foster the therapeutic process of art-making: “With [my] work, I want to search for [a] peaceful mind as the world seems going into more and more turmoil. The process itself is meditative.”

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