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Susan Whyne


A Gentle Morning, 2004
Screen Print
Edition of 50

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When death meets the domestic, don’t be surprised if you’ll find Susan Whyne’s name amidst art that depicts the meeting. A veteran painter born in New York City, Whyne’s work is most recently characterized by domestic life-momentary pleasure of beauty-interacting with fragility and demise. Often using images of furniture and fences, Whyne particularly enjoys using teapots and urns as symbols for the reliquaries that surround us eternally. Done in the tradition of “Memento Mori,” Whyne’s work complements her career as an artist. In 1964, Whyne graduated from the High School of Music and Art in New York City, and went on to receive her BFA from Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture in New York as well as her MFA in painting from San Francisco State University. While in 1970s San Francisco, Whyne was especially glad to be among the resurgence of painting that took place in the city manifested through underground “comix” and self-taught visionary artists. Today, Whyne passes on her appreciation of the arts by teaching: she continues her twenty-eight year tenure as Associate Professor at UT Austin’s Art Department. Teaching aside, Whyne’s exhibition career is nothing short of impressive, either, with regular exhibitions across the country since 1971. Twice the recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts grant (1980, 1989), Whyne as an artist and professor, despite what her artwork depicts, is far from dead.

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