Rene Alvarado


Cuatro Vistas, 2004
Screen Print
Edition of 50

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Creativity is just one of the words that is synonymous with Rene Alvarado. Born in 1972, Alvarado moved to San Angelo, Texas at the tender age of ten. After discovering his interest in drawing from an elementary teacher who gave him crayons and markers, Alvarado was encouraged to explore his artistic potential in high school. Though immersed in an American culture, Alvarado continually felt a connection to his Mexican roots that to this day reflect his creativity through painting. Born in Coahuila, Mexico, Alvarado’s parents and eight siblings all contribute to the lasting influence of family in his work. His five older sisters and mother, in particular, were a source of inspiration for Alvarado who admired their strength, sensitivity, and beauty. Unsurprising, then, is the female form that appears in so many of Alvarado’s compositions. In 1991, Alvarado expanded his artistic palette at the San Antonio Art Institute. While there, one professor inspired him to emphasize the importance of concept-rather than just technique-in his compositions. Today, one can see in many of Alvarado’s works that emotion is a driving factor, contributing to the splattering, dripping, and brushing of paint on canvas. “When I’m impatient I paint with acrylics,” Alvarado says of his work. “When I’m broke I paint with watercolors. When I don’t give a damn I paint in oils. In my paintings I seek to complement the ideal moments I encounter. I consider a painting complete when the emotions I am trying to express match the thoughts in my mind. In each painting you will discover a story of an emotion, a design, a dance, and a song that my heart secretly tells.”

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