Polly Perez


Pop-aganda, 2007
Screen Print
Edition of 50

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Raised in El Paso and Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, artist Polly Perez is a painter, screen printer, and a mixed media installation builder. She draws inspiration for her work from post WWII art, vintage advertising, propaganda posters, and pop art. In her comic book-like print Pop-aganda, the four women are each wearing a slogan on their t-shirts that, as a whole, could easily be the motto for a military academy. While the motto is not that of an actual school, the four words together represent the qualities that a responsible person should possess. “The idea for this sprang my feelings of frustration with my surroundings and the sense that I couldn’t make a huge impact in the world,” says Perez. However, she realized that one does have the power to make a difference within their own scope of the world, and her print is an example of this. According to Perez, the print is geared towards young adults, specifically teenage girls who deal with sexual stereotypes and self-identity issues when growing up. If anything, she wants girls to know that, no matter how difficult or confusing adolescence is, if they have a good sense of self-respect and identity, the will prevail when they reach adulthood. As for the bouquet and the bunny, Perez adds, “they are cute and girly.” Perez holds a B.A. in Art and Performance from the University of Texas at Dallas and is the founder of the the Oh6 Art Collective in Dallas.

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Dimensions 16H x 22W in