Francisco Delgado


Catharsis I, 2004
Screen Print
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The sounds of fans cheering and booing, yelling and echoing into the distance, are all emotions conveyed through much of Francisco Delgado’s paintings. Born in Juarez, Mexico, Delgado strives to convey the border life he grew up knowing since his birth in 1974. Immersed in immigration, racism, and bi-cultural disconnectedness, Delgado deals with border life’s harsh realities by making art. While attending UT El Paso, Delgado also dealt with and confronted his university’s curriculum which emphasized European art-a reality he strives to incorporate into his artwork to this day: “My reaction was to appropriate Mexican icons into Renaissance paintings.” Furthering his political interests, Delgado eventually started to explicitly address border life problems through his images. In 2000 Delgado received his BFA from UTEP, and within two years received his MFA from the Yale School of Art. While there, he got the chance to expand his artistic toolkit with stencils, reliefs, and stone lithography. The distance from his home, though, didn’t keep Delgado away from painting, either-or from exhibiting and even teaching. Despite his studies abroad, Delgado continues to depict much of the life he grew up knowing all too well-depictions that strive to do more than just point out victims of racism, social inequalities, and injustice. “The purpose of my art is not to persecute anyone, but to expose problems within our community,” Delgado says. “It is necessary for us to identify our failures before any significant positive changes can take place.”

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