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Ester Hernandez

Sun Raid, 2008
Screen Print
Edition of 50

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In Sun Raid, Ester Hernandez transforms a familiar raisin box to make a statement about the situation many farm workers are facing in the United States. The wholesome face normally found on the front of the box is changed into a skeletal farm worker wearing a huipil, a native Mexican dress. She wears a security-monitoring bracelet labeled ICE, for the Immigrations and Customs Agents, signifying looming deportation. Messages on the box are changed to read “Product of NAFTA,” and “Deportation Guaranteed.” Hernandez uses the names of Mexican indigenous groups from the Oaxaca area because they make up a large number of farm workers in the United States. She hopes her work provokes a dialogue about the issues that effect a population that is often invisible to the mainstream public. Her concern for farm workers can be seen in a similar image she created 27 years ago, titled Sun Mad. She transformed the same raisin box into a statement about the overuse of pesticides and the effect it has on our bodies and environment.

Ester Hernandez was born in California in a family of six children to farm worker parents. She received her Bachelors in Art Practice from the University of California, Berkeley and now lives in San Francisco.

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