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Delilah Montoya

Los Dos Corazones, 2007
Screen Print
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Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Chicana artist Delilah Montoya masters the mediums of painting, printing, and photography. Montoya’s art mostly focuses on Chicano culture, and she uses her art as a vehicle for exploring her identity as a Chicana woman. In her print Los Dos Corazones, Montoya pays homage to her lifelong friend, renowned sculptor Luis Jimenez, who passed away in 2006. In the locket, Montoya uses a photograph of Jimenez that she took in 2005 when they were hiking outside of his ranch in New Mexico. The other images in the print are mementos that Montoya and Jimenez shared in real life such as the rose petals whose beauty they both observed once outside her home and the locket and charms that were gifts from Jimenez to Montoya. “Luis was a very warm, caring individual, and I hope people can get this sense of him when looking at this print,” she says. Her work has been exhibited throughout New Mexico, Texas, New York, California, France, and Mexico. Montoya has an MA from Printmaking and an MFA in Studio at the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque, and she current teaches photography and digital design at the University of Houston.

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