David De Lara


Volition, 2007
Screen Print
Edition of 50

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Austin based artist David de Lara’s preferred mediums are painting, drawing, mixed media, alternative materials, and photography. As a child, he was influenced by comics and Japanese animation and, as an artist, incorporates expressionist, surrealist, and gothic influences in his work. In his print, Volition, de Lara presents viewers with a portrait, reminiscent of a passport photo, of a girl with mascara running down her face. Originally a pastel graphite drawing, de Lara wanted the colors in this print to create a soulful, peaceful mood. The frayed edges around her face give the peace a weathered feel and suggest that time has maybe passed since the girl took the portrait; as for the mascara, viewers cannot help but wonder what happened to the girl to reach this point. De Lara titled the print Volition, because the word means acting on your own will, and the girl is this print obviously travelled through various points in her life to reach this destination. Ultimately, De Lara wants viewers to make their own interpretations of his work and enjoys discovering how different people form different meanings. While the girl in the print is not real, De Lara wants his work to explore the human condition and the connections that bind people, whether they are aware of it or not. De Lara received a Master of Fine Arts from Texas A&M University at Kingsville and currently works for La Peña, a non-profit Latino arts organization.

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