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Cristina Cardenas

Flaming Lips, 2005
Screen Print
Edition of 50

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Cristina Cardenas large-scale works reflect her desire to disrupt stereotypes of gender, religion and race. Her works often incorporate fragments of the human figure along with the motifs and images from her nationality, gender and cultural heritage. Born in 1957 in Guadalajara, Mexico, she is deeply attuned to the struggles and triumphs within Mexican culture, particularly the oppression of minority groups and indigenous people. Cardenas received her BFA from the Universidad de Guadalajara and later moved to Tucson, Arizona, where she received her Masters in Printmaking from the University of Arizona Tucson. She has also held residencies in Caversham, South Africa (Caversham Press and Educational Trust), and Giverny, France (Lila Wallace Readers Digest Award).

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Dimensions 22H x 16H in