White living room with pastel accents - from Decoist.com

White living room with pastel accents – from Decoist.com

Obviously, we cannot own the most famous fine art pieces such as The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli, Water Lilies by Claude Monet, The Flower Seller by Diego Rivera, The Scream by Edvard Munch, Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, or any piece by Leonardo, Rembrandt, or Picasso – but you can always purchase the cheap poster reproductions. Then again, how original is that? Or you can go to Target or Hobby Lobby and buy some “abstract art” that is only fit for your doctor’s waiting room or in the living room of a relative who still thinks mauve and gray are the “in” colors.

At the Serie Project, we offer a range of original, affordable fine art prints – produced with the serigraphy (also known as screen printing) technique in limited edition quantities – by emerging and established artists who come from a variety of backgrounds as painters, illustrators, sculptors, and graphic artists, representing a diversity of ethnicities and cultures.

But even more importantly, we’re keeping up with the trends in interior design because we know your house isn’t a gallery with only four walls and a ceiling! If you’re keeping up with the trends, too, you’ll want your artwork to coordinate your furniture, decor, and wall colors.

Touches of pastels in an all white room - from Decoist.com

Touches of pastels in an all white room – from Decoist.com

“The palette is shifting from super-saturated and strong hues to softer, lighter pastel shades,” explained Sonu Mathew, ASID, IIDA and Benjamin Moore’s senior interior designer. (Click here to read the full article on the Benjamin Moore website.)

“And as the world seems to be gradually turning the corner on recessionary times, this whispery tint of the color is timely and evocative of the uptick. As for the move to pastels,” she continued, “they convey innocence and typically have a calming influence.”

In a recent article about how to to decorate with a pastel color palette, Decoist blog says, “Whether you offset gentle shades with crisp white, combine them with more vivid colors, go subtle with a touch of pastel style, or saturate your space with these irresistible hues, you’re sure to have a winning interior!” (Click here to see photos and get ideas for your own home.)

To view all the prints in our catalog, simply click on “Print Shop” in the menu at the top. There are multiple ways to search the inventory. You can sort alphabetically, or by price, or you can view by series (I through our current year’s series, which is XX). If it doesn’t have the blue “ADD TO CART” button, sadly, it means it’s not for sale. But we have plenty of pieces that are for sale, and most of them are in the $250-$300 range, making it extremely affordable to own unique, fine art serigraphy.

On our Pinterest page, we have organized our pieces by themes: Flora & Fauna, Abstract, Women, Pop Culture, and more. Below are several of our fine art screen print picks that we think would go well with almost any modern or traditional pastel color interior design:

Click on the links to purchase the pieces:

  1. Target (Suture), 2012, Jessica Halonen
  2. Untitled, 2011, Joey Fauerso
  3. Señorita Juice, 2012, by Paloma Mayorga
  4. Porque Te Vas?, 2012, Carlos Donjuan
  5. Bones, 2012, Adriana Corral
  6. Breathing, 2004, Tamiko Kawata
  7. September 15 – El Grito, 2007, Sandria Hu
  8. Dois mil e dose linhas e pontos, 2011, Rosane Volchan O’Conor
  9. As many layers as there are II, 2004, Marilu Flores Gruben
  10. Veiled Figure, 2004, Sharon Wilcutts

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