Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Serie Project to produce, promote, and exhibit the work of Latino artists and others, and to make the production and sale of prints affordable to both artist and patron.

Achievement of Social Change

The goals of the Serie Project are as follows:

    • Promote local, national, and international artists from various professional levels and ethnic backgrounds.
    • Produce and exhibit works by established and emerging artists with emphasis on the cultural diversity of the Latino community.
    • Promote awareness of Latino art and its importance in the community.
    • Encourage artists to explore the serigraph print medium and establish communication between participants.
    • Foster a physical and human environment of encouragement for artists and art producers.
    • Allow all participants to benefit from the interchange of ideas and experience.
    • Make fine art available to the public through affordable, signed, and numbered prints.
    • Partner with museums and galleries around the United States in order to reach as many people as possible through the exhibition of the prints.