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Ruben Miranda

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Rostro de Mujer, 2010
Screen Print
Edition of 50

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Rostro de Mujer

Rostro de Mujer is based on the first painting from his series “Women’s Faces”, completed in 2009. The piece depicts a woman’s face and the energies she possesses: psychic, spiritual and visual. The woman’s face is divided by opposing emotions. The left side is contemplative and demonstrates vulnerability and melancholy, while the right side shows strength and confidence.


Ruben Miranda was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1955. He received his Master of Fine Arts from Florida State University in Tallahasse in 1970. Miranda uses ink drawings, acrylic paint and his personal style to create solid shapes and forms that relate to his culture. He believes that the heart and soul of a culture needs a visual record to preserve it, which can be accomplished through the work of artists. Creating these visual writings are what he strives for in his art practice.

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