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Robbie Ortiz


Coatlicue, 2011
Screen Print
Edition of 50

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As a self-taught artist and local Austinite, Robbie Ortiz’s Coatlicue print is one that is a striking juxtaposition of shape, line, and contrast. As the Aztec Goddess who gave birth to the moon, stars, and Huitzilopochtli, Coatlicue is known for her serpent-skirt, necklace of human hearts, hands, and skulls, as well has her face that is composed of two serpents.

In Coatlicue, Ortiz states that, as Coatlicue is an “Aztec goddess of the earth, and the earth is pissing on us as we have pissed on the earth and its natural treasures.” His noted influences for this print are the art of ancient civilizations, surrealism, and cubism. It is also part of a larger series based on the imagery of the goddess.

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Dimensions 30H x 22W in