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Oscar Magallanes

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Flores Para Juarez, 2013
Screen Print
Edition of 50

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Flores Para Juarez

This piece is an homage to the women of Juarez on the U.S.-Mexico border, especially those whom have lost their lives with little hope of justice. The model is a friend of Magallanes, a very strong woman and who had witnessed a lot of abuse growing up.

Even though he takes on a lot of difficult subjects, for him, it’s not about denying something and trying to be happy. It’s about embracing and facing it, and coming out the other end happy.

“It’s about finding the beauty in the struggle.” – Magallanes


Oscar Magallanes was born in 1976 in Duarte, CA, growing up just a few miles away in the Azusa barrio. His artwork is heavily influenced by the cultural and social elements of his upbringing. He recalls, “The first art I saw were murals of Zapata and Mexica glyphs from the Chicano movement. These were juxtaposed next to homeboy role calls and Old English writing. I didn’t see a gallery or museum until I was 15.”

After a troubled childhood and expulsion from high school at the age of fifteen, Oscar was accepted into the Ryman Arts program, which he credits with encouraging him to pursue a career in art. Magallanes is the co-founder of Chican@ Art Magazine and founder of the design firm Arango Designs. He has also curated many exhibitions and worked closely with several nonprofits. Oscar continues to create and exhibit his uniquely styled artwork from his studio in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles.

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Dimensions 30H x 22W in


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