J. Salvador Lopez

$ 250.00

What Time Is It There?, 2013
Screen Print
Edition of 50

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Product Description

What Time Is It There?

The print is a coninuation of “Swift/Devotion” from Serie X. The majority of Lopez’ pieces have to do with a man and a woman, and the lack of that relationship, or how those two people are trying to come together in life. These two people in the print are separated by geography, and the buildings represent any kind of city. In the print, there is a morning shot that transforms into night shot, representing a full day.

“Even though these two people are separated, they are constantly thinking about each other throughout the day” – Lopez


Born in Long Beach, California, J. Salvador Lopez has lived in Texas since the age of eight, residing between Dallas and San Antonio. Lopez studied at San Antonio Arts Institute and Mountain View Community College. An active exhibitor, of his work he says he wishes to express his ideas and beliefs by creating a bridge between human trials and exploration of the spirit. He sees it as the glorification of what life can give to us and the tragedy of what it can take away. Lopez currently lives and works in Dallas, Texas.

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