Farley Bookout

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Where we stood, saying I, 2013
Screen Print
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Where we stood, saying i

This print is reflective of Bookout’s fascination with the 1920s, it depicts a girl in a bathing suit who took her horse out into the woods to go swimming in the lake. She’s got her jug of moonshine. She’s looking to escape a bad situation and get lost in the woods. She’s looking to wash away.

“Everything I draw, even though all the women are different, they are all me, so, I end up creating these spaces where I want to exist. When I start drawing, I start with a face. I always draw girls and women. Once I create their face, they tell me the rest of the story.” –Bookout


Farley Bookout began drawing at the age of 12 and took classes in high school and the nearby Rhode Island School of Design. In 1996, Bookout received a BFA in photography from the University of Austin. Bookout now lives and works in Austin, Texas.
Drawing from her first love of war propaganda illustration and Victorian history, Farley Bookout is driven to create imagery (reminiscent of vintage screen prints and posters) of pensive women in lonely spaces. For the last two years she has worked diligently to couple these images with her favorite bands, and many wonderful prints have resulted.

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Watch the video interview with Farley Bookout on YouTube:


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