Carol Hayman


The Moon Goddess Welcomes the New Year, 2011
Screen Print
Edition of 50

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Austin artist Carol Hayman’s work has been exhibited throughout the US, Europe, Mexico, and Peru. Her work has also appeared in numerous publications including photographic and printing anthologies. She is an instructor in Anthropology at Austin Community College and is a member of Women Printmakers of Austin, the Austin Visual Arts Association, Texas Fine Arts Association, and the American Anthropological Association.

This print created in collaboration with Serie depicts the Crescent Moon Goddess (with her pet rabbit) welcoming the Possum God as he brings in the New Year with the Maize God on his back. The Moon Goddess brings the rain, watering the earth. She spins and weaves the days, months, and years. She waxes and wanes, aging from young to old, and travels across the sky visiting her many lovers, the Star Gods, along the way. The glyphs are the Solar sign, Sky sign, Moon Goddess, Dreaming Place, Lunar sign, and the sign for “It happened in the plaza.” The final glyph means “The Moon Goddess counted the year.”

Hayman’s work is at once chaotic and subtle: “My work illustrates little glimpses of other worlds caught in everyday situations. We can find beauty in the exquisite, as well as the mundane.”

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