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Alma Lopez

La Llorona Desperately Seeking Coyolxauhqui, 2003
Screen Print
Edition of 50

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La Llorona Desperately Seeking Coyolxuahqui

La Llorona Desperately Seeking Coyolxauhqui addresses the murders of women and girls on the US-Mexican border. For over ten years, more than 300 young women and girls have been found tortured and murdered in Juarez, Mexico. Many more are still missing. The print is pink, alluding to the black crosses on pink backgrounds painted by families and friends to represent a missing young woman or girl in Juarez. The background represents the mothers; la Virgen of Guadalupe (the background design of her dress), la Llorona (the silhouette), and la Coatlicue (the necklace). The female figure with the Coyolxauhqui engraved on her chest represents the daughters. The flowers in the foreground represent an offering to an altar or a funeral and the plucking of lives.


Alma Lopez received her BA from UC Santa Barbara (1988) and MFA from UC Irvine (1996). Her work spans many categories from serigraphs, paintings, and photo-based digital prints to public murals and videos. She is dedicated to issues of representation and social justice, and takes as her subject the daily lives, mythologies, and dreams of people of color. Through visual scholarship, she deconstructs and re-figures cultural icons, including La Virgin de Guadalupe, and allows them to exist in radically new ways. Since the 1992 Los Angeles uprisings, Lopez has been engaged in collaborative public art making that helps to bridge black and brown communities. Lopez currently lives in Los Angeles, where she helped co-found three organizations: L.A. Coyotas, Tongues, and Homegirl Productions.

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