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In honor of the late Sam Z. Coronado, Consejo Gráfico, an independent network of print workshops that was formed to advance the legacy and viability of Latino printmaking in the United States, has put together a special collaborative portfolio titled El Corazón.  As a Chicano artist, educator and activist, Coronado impacted many lives and artists throughout

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Oscar Magallanes was born in Duarte, CA and was raised a few miles away in the Azusa Barrio. Growing up in this area, Magallanes became heavily influenced by the cultural and social elements of his upbringing. Despite his limited interaction with art, save for a few public art pieces around the neighborhood, Magallanes always knew

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Did you know that… The term serigraph is a combination of two ancient languages – the prefix “seri” (Latin for silk) and “graphein” (Greek for write or draw). The term “screen printing” is often interchangeable with the terms “serigraphy” and “silkscreening”? It all depends on the the context it is being used – artistic, industrial, or commercial.

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