There are a bazillion holiday gift guides floating around, with ideas ranging from groovy home decor, to zen toiletries, inspiring notebooks, gourmet kitchen ware, exotic food items, bohemian accessories, and vintage toys. There’s something for every age and personality! But sometimes, it all really starts to look the same, and these days, we have so much clutter in our drawers, shelves, and tabletops, there’s the danger your gift will wind up at a yard sale.

Why not consider something to spice up your loved one’s wall? Maybe you’re really tired of seeing that painting of a cottage glowing in the woods at your parents’ house, or as much as we all love Diego Rivera, there’s only so much of the Flower Seller you can stand to look at when you visit your sister. It’s time for something new and more contemporary! Something to really get the house guests talking.

Serie Project, having produced screen prints over the last two decades, also has fine art serigraphs for every personality (we’ll leave the age part at your discretion). By purchasing one of our serigraphs, you are also supporting a non-profit organization and our community of artists. Below is a selection of prints we’ve picked for the person in your life who loves a variety of things, from nature, to hearts, to cereal.

To view more information or to purchase prints, click on the serigraph title of your choice!

Traditional – for the person who prefers those more familiar images and patterns that we’ve grown up with. (left) Celia Alvarez Muñoz, Quince, 2008; (right) Michael Velliquette, Untitled (Sigil for Wealth & Prosperity), 2010

Chicano Activist – for the one who actively supports MEChA, LULAC, and NCLR. (left) Melanie Cervantes, Tumbling Down the Steps of the Temple, 2012; (right) Quintin Gonzalez, Chicano 15, 2008

Nature Lover – for the environmentalist or the one who loves to be outdoors, whether it’s enjoying a field of flowers, hiking the trails, or planting gardens and trees. (left) Poli Marichal, El Bosque Dentro (The Forest Within), 2012; (right) Ramiro Jimenez, Habitat de Soledad, 2007

Science Guru – everyone knows that ultra-braniac who can make sense of chemistry, biology, and physics, while most of us can barely figure out how to turn quarts into pints for a cooking recipe. These prints are inspired by science. (left) Jessica Halonen, Target 20 (Suture), 2012; (right) Rosane Volchan O’Conor, Dois mil e dose linhas e pontos, 2011.

Socio Politically Minded – for the one who is always fighting for social and political justice – to create a better world for all of us to live in. (left) George Rivera, I Don’t Care If You Are Blue, Green, Purple or Polka, 2012; (right) Ann-Michelle Morales, Splaturtle, 2004

It’s the End of the World! – We all know those friends or family members who, no matter what scientific evidence points to the opposite, are still convinced the world is going to end on December 21, 2012. (left) James Huizar, The Big Boom, 2011; (right) Juan de Dios Mora, Nave Espacial Maya del 2012, 2011


The Romantic – Whether it’s about falling in love or getting their hearts broken, some people just can’t get enough of corazones. (left) Lacey Richter, Corazon Rebirth, 2011; (right) Daniel Martin Diaz, Sacratus, 2009

Pop Culture References – You know that person who knows every single film reference and lyrics to the most obscure songs. We have something for them, too. (And hey, if you live in Austin, who doesn’t love Willie Nelson?) (left) Emmanuel Montoya, N’De, 2010; (right) Robert Hurst, Willie 03, 2003

Car Aficionado – Do you know someone who just loves to have the latest model car? Or maybe someone who is mechanically minded and likes to tinker on cars? Perhaps you know someone who really needs a car and has been bumming rides off you for too long; for now, you can at least give them a screen print of a car. (left) Francisco Delgado, Catharsis I, 2004; (right) Paul Sierra, Red Toyota, 2010

Aquaphiles – There’s always that one person who was born to swim and loves being in the water. Even if you don’t know a fanatic swimmer, mermaids are always enchanting and delightful. (left) Alma Lopez, El Vals de Las Mariposas, 2008; (right) Anabelle Rodriguez, Siren’s Song, 2004

Cereal Isn’t Always What’s for Breakfast – Who doesn’t love good-old fashioned crunchy sweet cereal with milk, or a big bowl of menudo? How about breakfast taco cereal? (left) Maria Natividad, Menudo: Breakfast of Champions, 2010; (right) Matthew Rodriguez, In the Second Grade…, 2007

Still can’t find something you like or would like to give as a unique holiday gift to a friend or family member? Be sure to visit our Serie Project online print shop, where you can sort the prints alphabetically or by year, or search by keywords. You can also check out our boards on Pinterest, where we’ve uploaded many of our prints and organized them into themes.

Happy print shopping! And happy holidays to you and your family. Be safe and enjoy!

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